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The world of open source software is amazing!
Open source software is the backbone of the web. The majority of Internet servers run Linux, Apache, mySQL, and php, which is the foundation upon which these amazing open source software systems use to run. The world of open source is not just about free software, but about the community that surrounds the software. Of course free software doesn't hurt either.
Powerful systems require knowledge and expertise.
Unlike OpenSourceHost, very few hosting providers focus so tightly on any one market. This laser-like focus allows us to be experts in our chosen field. This expertise provides us valuable insight concerning server requirements needed to efficiently run these powerful systems. In short, we place far fewer clients on each machine and tune each server to more effeciently run php/mysql software systems.
We make things easy.
If you're not a "dyed in wool" computer geek these open source systems can be very intimidating to set up. However, once installed, these same systems make creating and updating content frighteningly easy. We will gladly install the system of your choice... for FREE! We urge you to spend some time at You too will be amazed at what these systems offer.
We're here when you need us.
Our reputation has been made by not meeting our client's expectations, but rather exceeding their expectations. If you want to run a content management system, gallery, blog, bulletin board, or other open source system you are better served by a company that devotes every resource to that end.

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24/7 Customer Support

Customer Support There are several reasons to choose Open Source Host as your web hosting provider, but the number #1 reason is our customer support! Our team of professional, knowledgeable, detail oriented individuals is here to ensure that your websites are available and functioning as they should, all the time.

We offer 24/7/365 technical support, and our call customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm EST to assist in resolving your technical needs. When it comes to support, we take it seriously at; let us do what we do best so you don't have to!